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Empowering Marginalised Communities Through Exercise

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Our Story

Mind Body Connect is a registered charity (No. 1173834) founded in 2014. We empower marginalised communities through the medium of exercise. Our current exercise repertoire includes therapeutic yoga, strength training, circuit training and strongman/woman. We work with groups including people in recovery from addiction, survivors of human trafficking, homeless young adults and various mental health support groups. We have helped hundreds of service users and seen first hand how effective physical exercise can be for people that have been through difficult times.
Our programme was born from our directors experience of working in a residential rehabilitation centre which led to a PhD on the effects of physical exercise on addiction. We support our service users in  gaining coaching qualifications.  Many now deliver our programmes. This is something we are very proud of.

We shall continue to grow  helping more  service users  improve their physical and mental health and take healthy, positive steps forwards.

Many of our programmes are open to the public and our elite  strength coaching team has a stable of athletes and private clients. Come and lift with us. From absolute beginners to national level strength sport athletes, we can help you achieve your goals  

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Paul Smith, Lead Strength Coach, Worlds Strongest Man Competitor 2018, Junior Worlds strongest Man 2017, England's Strongest Man 2016.

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Current Time Table

Mon: 10am - 11am Phoenix Futures Therapeutic yoga: PRIVATE SESSION  

Wed: 1pm - 2pm: Mid Term Recovery Circuit : PRIVATE SESSION

          2pm - 3pm Early Stage Recovery Circuit: PRIVATE SESSION

Thur: 12pm - 1pm: Mental Health Circuit: OPEN SESSION

Fri: 1pm - 2pm: Addaction Recovery Circuit: PRIVATE SESSION

       2:30pm - 15:30pm: FitzWilliam Recovery Circuit: PRIVATE SESSION

2pm - 3pm: City Hearts Women's Therapeutic Yoga: PRIVATE SESSION

3pm - 4pm: City Hearts Men's Therapeutic Yoga: PRIVATE SESSION

Sat: 1:30pm - 4pm: Strong Saturdays: OPEN SESSION 

Individual coaching sessions with our team are available upon request 

If you represent a charity and think we could empower your service users then get in touch 

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Our Core Programmes

Strong Saturdays

Strong Saturdays is an open session with experienced coaches and a great atmosphere. Come and try out our competition spec strongman equipment. Whether you are looking to compete or just try something new, we've got you


Therapeutic Yoga

We run Therapeutic Yoga programmes tailored to the needs of specific service users groups. Through yoga we empower human trafficking survivors to relearn stress management and recovering addicts to down regulate and reconnect body and mind.


Circuit Classes

Our Circuit Class programmes are tailored to the needs of individual service user groups.  For example, we balance the learning of compound movements with cardiovascular threshold work and flexibility drills developing the foundational fitness of addicts exiting detox. The intermediate programme we run for this group builds upon this providing a supportive community focused on individual goal completion. For recovering addicts, our circuits are a place to belong and increase self-confidence precisely when most needed: during the rehab-community living transition when relapse risk increases.

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Strongman/woman Circuits

A mid-week, one hour, high intensity circuit using the full range of traditional strongman implements to build total body strength, power and fitness. This class is run by  Worlds Strongest Man Competitor Paul Smith. 


The class caters for all levels form novice to elite. If you cant give up your Saturday to join us for our 3hr Strong Saturday Programme but want to experience the Strongman events and methods then this is the class for you. You'll experience an authentic taste of strongman training in a fun and supportive environment 

Our Coaching Team

Paul Smith 

Paul MBC's lead strength coach. He is also quite strong! He has competed around the world including  the Worlds Strongest Man Competition. Paul won Englands Strongest Man 2016 and the World's Strongest Junior 2017

He is available for individual and group personal training sessions.  

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Guy Sewell

Guy is a certified personal trainer with over 10 years coaching experience.


He specialises in strength training and biomechanics.  


He is available for individual and group personal training sessions.  

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Chris Fitzgerald

Chris is the MBC director, our model of change is based upon his research.


He has competed in weightlifting,powerlifting and



He is a two time British natural (U105) finalist.

He is available for individual and group personal training sessions.  

Ashton Leung

Ashton is a Yoga Teacher and certified personal trainer. 

She is one of our Therapeutic Yoga Practitioners and runs two of our Community Outreach Programmes.


She is available for individual and group personal training sessions.   

Mark Hollett

Mark is our MMA Programme Lead and Safeguarding Officer.

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